Brand:  NCT WISH

If you purchase OFFICIAL MD over 25 USD, you will get 1EA random photo card (Buy more than 50 USD and get 2EA and so forth, maintaining same ratio)

Item : GRIPTOK (1pc)
Size : 110 X 61 (MM)
Made in Korea
Manufacture Date: 2024.01

– This product is intended for people over the age of 14 and is not intended for children.
– The color of the product may be slightly different from the actual color depending on the monitor specifications.

1. GripTok is a supplementary product that adds convenience to the use of smartphones and is not a product that prevents damage caused by the fall of the smartphone or absorbs shocks. Damage to smartphones and GripTok caused by falling is a consumer’s fault and cannot be compensated for.
2. The adhesion of the GripTok may vary depending on the condition or nature of the surface of the attachment.
3. It may not stick well to or may fall easily off the devices with enhanced anti-fingerprint or anti-contamination coatings (e.g., iPhone 7 black, etc.), please use the product after installing the case. Please refer to this when purchasing and using GripTok.
4. It does not stick well to curved, uneven, or contaminated areas. If sweat or fingerprints get on the adhesive, the adhesion decreases.
5. It is recommended to use a GripTok with a separate case that has been verified for adhesion for devices that do not stick stably.
   (In the case of leather material or uneven case, it may not be attachable.)
6. Some of the protective cases may cause physical and chemical changes to GripTok adhesive due to the material used. 
   (Leather case can be damaged.)
7. Do not use thinner or organic solvents when cleaning.
8. There is a risk of dropping bulky and heavy tablet PC products, so be sure to hold them with your hands.
9. Do not use GripTok with a wireless charger. When used with a wireless charger, the charging function may not work normally. We are not responsible for any problems caused by using the wireless charger and GripTok together.
10. Due to the nature of the material, there may be small scratches.

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