Brand:  TEO-LAE-GI

product name: TEO-LAE-GIMOOD LAMP (turtle mood light 1pc, type C USB cable 1pc)
Size: Turtleneck mood light 20×25 (CM)
Date of Manufacture: 2024.03
Country of Manufacture: China

Precautions for handling
This product is for those over 14 years of age and is not for children.
This product may be exchanged or compensated in accordance with the consumer dispute resolution standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission.
The color of the product may differ somewhat from the actual color depending on the monitor specifications.

1. It is a product that can operate the power by choosing one of the methods of inserting batteries (3 AAA) or connecting USB cables. (*Without batteries/with 1 type C USB cable) 
2. If you stare at the LED lamp for a long time, your eyes may get tired, so be careful.
3. There is a risk of fire, so do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, heat, or fire, and use it in a place that is not affected by radio waves such as magnets.
4. Do not wipe with products containing alcohol and cinnamon.
5. Put it in your mouth and be careful not to bite or wash it.
6. This product is not a toy. Be careful not to touch children.
7. Do not disassemble, modify, or repair this product arbitrarily. 
8. Do not use it in high-humidity places such as bathrooms. Water contact can cause failure.
9. Please refrain from using it for a long time to protect your eyesight.
10. Do not use the product with wet hands.
11. If you touch the mood light lightly, the power is turned on, and the brightness can be adjusted to 3 levels through the number of touches.
12. Due to the nature of the product, there may be fine scratches and scratches, which are not defective.
13. Depending on the measurement method, there may be size and weight errors.

product description
1. Brightness stage: Stage 1 (30%), Stage 2 (70%), and Stage 3 (100%)
2. Operating time: Approximately 12 hours available (as of Step 1) 
– Use times may vary depending on your environment.

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