Q1. What are the advantages of preorder?

Official poster in hard tube case is provided if purchased a preorder album with unfolded poster option (poster itself is free but shipping fee is charged at each poster separately during order process). If support purchased a preorder item with other product which is released already in the same order, order will be shipped out together after the preorder item will be released.

Q2. What is the basic currency?

USD is the basic currency at kpopita.com and support can choose other currencies at the top of the right side of browser. support should be careful of currency exchange rate if tried to send other currencies rather than USD.

Q3. Buying albums from kpopita really counts on official chart?

All the K-pop album sales are transferred to Hanteo at everyday and it is reflected on weekly music chart such as SBS Ingigayo, KBS Music Bank, M Countdown and so on. Here is the official statement issued by Hanteo chart and support can double check with Hanteo Company. Support your idol by purchasing albums at official online shop which counts on Hanteo Chart.

Q4. Do you ship to my country?

kpopita ship to All countries   . Thousands supporters throughout the world visit kpopita.com.


Q1. How do I know this item is available or not?

If “Add to cart” button is shown at the product page, it means product is “available to purchase”. Purchase quantity can be limited or specific shipping method should be chosen for some products so please check all the notification and remarks at product page.

Q2. How can I know for shipping and delivery?

kpopita provides various shipping options and support can check available shipping method for one’s country during order process. Please check shipping policy for tracking and estimated delivery.

Q3. How much shipping cost for my country?

Shipping fee is fluctuated by various factors as product weight (quantity), ship to country, poster option, shipping method, etc. Please check accurate shipping cost of each shipping method at Phase 3. Shipping Method and total order amount at Phase 4. Payment during order process before completing payment.

If support try to place an order without logging in at kpopita.com, system cannot designate destination thus wrong shipping fee would be charged. Shipping cost is increased in proportion to product weight and size.

Q4. How do I make my payment for the purchase?

support can choose a convenient payment option which suits the most during order process;

(1) PayPal

(2) Credit Card (All the card payment is done through PayPal)

Find out more information at Payment Method page;

Q5. I can’t pay by PayPal or get an error message for payment failure.

Payment error can be occurred due to some reasons;

(1) If delivery information is not matched to one’s address registered at PayPal, PayPal can reject to clear payment.

(2) If order payment is over support’s credit card limit or PayPal balance, PayPal reject to clear payment.

(3) If support’s card itself is not acceptable for overseas purchase, PayPal reject to clear payment.

(4) If PayPal system recognizes that support opened PayPay site for so long without any action, payment session is closed automatically due to security issue (run-time error).

Please send email to [email protected] if payment error, change or any of matter on order. CS team will answer within 1~24 hours for resolution.

Q6. What is the DVD Region Code?

DVDs sold globally are typically encoded to restrict their use to specific locations. That is, a DVD assigned a specific “Region Code” can only be played within the areas specified in that Region Code. DVD Region Code can usually be found on the back of the DVD package. support should check playable region for one’s country at the product page before purchase.

Q7. Just converted loyalty points to voucher credit but it says “not usable”.

Loyalty point is valid for 1 year after created thus support should convert it to voucher credit and use created voucher credit within valid period. It is not reissued once expired.

Q8. Voucher credit is not applied for order payment though it is created within valid period.

Order currency is changed to USD while payment process at PayPal thus support should convert loyalty points to voucher credit in USD currency mode if chosen PayPal as payment method.


Q1. What is tracking number of my order?

Tracking number is issued if purchased with K-Packet, EMS, EMS Premium, DHL and UPS shipping option after the package is dispatched. Shipment notification is emailed including tracking number as photos once package is dispatched then support can check tracking number on the photo and trace shipment at each tracking sites.

– K-Packet, EMS, EMS Premium Tracking

  Korea Post : https://trace.epost.go.kr//xtts/tt/epost/ems/ems_eng.jsp

– DHL : www.dhl.com

– UPS : www.ups.com

– Small packet air mail is not traceable originally, means tracking number itself is not issued.

Q2. Do I have to pay custom tax?

It depends on the customs at destination country.

Customs investigate shipments at random and sender (kpopita) cannot intervene in custom issue in other countries. We put low prices on custom declaration sheet attached on the package to avoid custom issues. If custom tax is charged at destination country despite such an effort, it should be paid by the receiver.

Q3. I ordered multiple items but received part of them.

Small packet and K-Packet have 2 kg limitation per parcel thus products can be sent in 2 or more parcels. kpopita send photos of package with shipment notification through email once dispatched thus support can see how many parcels were sent for one’s order from shipment notification mail. Delivery can be different from each parcel according to local postal service circumstance even though packages were shipped out on the the same date.

Q4. How can I know for shipping and delivery?

kpopita provides various shipping options and support can check available shipping method for one’s country during order process. Please check shipping policy for tracking and estimated delivery.

Q5. I chose non-traceable small package as shipping method and haven’t received my package after passed 40 business days.

Please send email to [email protected] then CS team will issue investigation request via Korea Postal Service. It may take up to months due to airline’s and destination postal service’s noncooperation. kpopita issue investigation request for small packet shipment in good faith of supports but please be sure that kpopita is not responsible for any lost or damage of non-traceable shipment after dispatched.

Q6. How can I get my package back if it returned?

RSN (Returned Shipment Notification) will be emailed including photos if shipment will be back to kpopita. support can decide after received RSN if want to pay shipping fee for resending and get the shipment back or get refund after deducting initial shipping fee which was paid for sending the package at first. If “non-canceled item” is included in the order, it is not able to cancel but support should pay shipping cost for resending and get the package back.

Q7. If I order a bunch of CDs, one of them is preordered and the rest aren’t, do I have to wait till the preorder one comes out?

If any preorder item is included in the order, all the items would be shipped after the preorder item is released.

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