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    PRITTI-G - LOVE TAKER [Photobook]
    PRITTI-G – LOVE TAKER [Photobook] $32.13

    Product Features

    This new song LOVE TAKER is a song where you can feel the more intense beat compared to the songs released by Prettyzy.
    It can be said that it is a song that adds maturity to the songs with girly emotions.
    It is a song that goes beyond the excitement or shy emotion facing the fans and dashes with an active tone.
    As shown in the lyrics, even if it is something like “a mirage that will twinkle and disappear overnight,” it is conveyed with the choreography that expresses the earnest desire to hold onto it.
    It seems that there is only love in return from fans for the growth of Pretty, which is maturing both in heart and in music.
    That is the sincerity that Pretty is shown through this new song LOVE TAKER.* This product is a photo book without a CD.

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