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    SUPER JUNIOR L.S.S. – 2024 [THE SHOW : Th3ee Guys]_GLASS BEER MUG $69.39

    Item : GLASS BEER MUG (Glass Beer Mug 1pc, Clear Photo Card 1pc, Postcard 1pc)
    Material : GLASS, PET, PAPER
    Size : Glass Beer Mug 500ML, 83X137, Clear Photo Card 55X85, Postcard 120X80 (MM)
    Made in Korea
    Manufacture Date : 2024.01

    – This product is intended for people over the age of 14 and is not intended for children.

    * Due to the nature of the manufacturing process of glass products, small bubbles, minor scratches, bumps, white spots, or fine print peeling may occur on the surface. Also, the curve of the top of the cup may be slightly uneven, and the cup may vary slightly in size or shape.
    These are not subject to defect and exchange or return.

    1. Do not use for any other purpose.
    2. Please clean the product thoroughly before use.
    3. After use, do not soak in water for a long time, wipe clean immediately and store dry.
    4. Do not freeze and do not use in dishwasher, dryer, microwave, gas stove, warmer, oven, or hot water disinfection.
    5. Not for use in heated cooking.
    6. Please be careful not to apply external impact (dropping during use, etc.) as it may cause deformation and breakage.
    7. Do not place in fire, direct sunlight, or high temperature. 
    8. Please be careful of sudden temperature changes, such as boiling water or hot food, as there is a risk of cracking.
    9. Prolonged exposure to strong acidic and alkaline solutions may cause discoloration.
    10. Please stop using if scratches occur on the glass.
    11. Please note that there is a risk of injury to hands or feet when handling broken products.
    12. The size may slightly different depending on the measurement method.
    13. Scratches on the surface that occur after using the product are not a reason for exchange or return.
    14. Compensation is not provided for damages due to customer mishandling. Please follow the care guide above.

    [Washing Guide]
    – Be careful when cleaning, as strong impact or friction can cause loss of shape and surface printing.
    – Avoid using stainless steel scrubbers and clean with a soft sponge.
    – Do not use boiling water, microwave or dishwasher for cleaning. They may cause product deformation.

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